Monday, December 20, 2010

oh your sweater is so delightful

The holidays are here (finally) so I suppose I should talk about holiday stuff.
And boy there are a lot of things to talk about.
This has like NEVER happened before. By the time the Christmas episode comes to America, it usually airs around March and that's not nearly as fun as watching it on Christmas Day. I am soooooo excited.
In other TV news, Christmas Specials are airing on pretty much every channel known to mankind. Just last week The Office seasonal episode entertained audiences through Dwight and Jim's snowball "battle" and Michael's ongoing heartbreak with Holly. On Community, viewers got to see into Abed's complex mind through clay animation.

Ok that's enough of tele talk. Onto clothing.
Oh 'tis the season for awkward Christmas cards with awkward families posing awkwardly with awkward ugly Christmas sweaters. You know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, you might even have one coming to you in the mail, or you have been a part of one.
Every family has an awkward family photo, and perhaps even a Christmas one. A necessary component of these conversation starters is the all-important ugly Christmas sweater. These extremely artistic pieces reflect the awkwardness a family. They've gained so much popularity, people are even having ugly christmas sweater parties.
I think it's so awesome that people are embracing the "ugly Christmas sweater" phenomenon. It is so nerdy couture. Happy Holidays, from Mika Elan. ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

awards seasons greetings

Unlike most people, I actually watch award shows.
I know that they are basically a waste of time and money, but I find them very interesting. What will get Best Picture this year at the Academy Awards? Who will get Best Actor/Actress for a Drama/Comedy or Musical at the Golden Globes?
Ok, so there may be TOO many award shows out there, but at least I get to speculate and be astonished. Now, I haven't really seen that many, or any, of the nominations for movies, but I certainly have seen most of the TV shows.
Another thing that fascinates me, the red carpet fashion.
I know, I know. Everyone tends to hate that half hour or so before the actual awards show. So, I decided to dissect red carpet fashion a little by looking at what makes a red carpet look a "red carpet" look. Here's what I found:
Floor-Length Hems
I suppose that should be a given. About 90% of the dresses there were long.
Even though Christina Hendricks and Halle Berry are definite hotties, their dresses added to their bombshell statuses.
Solid Colors
Yep. Not a lot of patterns happening on the red carpet.
Super High Heels
Ouch. At least they don't have to walk around that much. I think.

Well, I didn't get very far with my research. Basically, red carpet dresses are all very similar. Fortunately, there are certain celebs that choose to wear pieces that are truly unique and don't necessarily fit the "red carpet" style.
These lovely ladies chose to twist the normal red carpet-ware by choosing dresses that are truly different. Notice how both are floor length and Ms. Barrymore's is solid color. Both are somewhat odd, especially Barrymore's, but still very beautiful.
So, if you refuse to watch the Golden Globes or any awards show for that matter, please consider watching the few upcoming. Think of what I've said here and look for the "red carpet" style in each dress. I'm sure most of them will fit all of the parameters. ;)

Monday, November 29, 2010

love and loss

So you know how my dog was diagnosed with cancer in early August?
Yesterday, she was really suffering and coming to the end of her life, so we had to put her down.
That was one of the hardest things I have had to go through.
I've had her since I was 6, so she's been my canine companion for most of my life. I know this sounds silly and cliche, but she was like a sister to me.
I seriously don't want to be at home because it reminds me of her. But don't worry, I'm not as depressed as this blog entry sounds. ;)
This is just a rough patch in my life, and she will always be a part of me and my artwork.
-Mika Elan
P.S: Mika is actually the name of my dog ♥

Friday, November 26, 2010

magic luck friendship ♥

Wow. It's been a looooong time.

Ok, so as you might or might not know, I love kidrobot. This store contains not just its own merchandise, but also numerous other artistic toys, clothing, bags, and books. One of these other labels is Friends With You.
FWY is an amazing company. The Miami-based artists that created this brand have done an outstanding job promoting Friends With You through toys, art, apparel, film, and events. If only I could go to Miami and see Rainbow City, an art installation in Miami's Design District, or go to Taiwan to see the massive Field of Dreams art piece on the side of a building in the city of Taipei.

Rainbow City in Miami, Florida
Field of Dreams in Taipei, Taiwan
And to show how much I love this brand, I even have my very own Malfi toy. ;)
Here's the link (again):

Sunday, November 14, 2010

passion for fashion

Haven't blogged in a while. :(
In other news, the season finale of Project Runway was so disappointing. It was clearly obvious who the TRUE winner should have been! *cough* Mondo *cough*

I loved Mondo's collection the best out of the three, but alas he didn't win. In fact, the judges were split with their opinions. Ultimately, Gretchen won with her bohemian style clothing (shown below).
In other fashion news, I found another awesome website called Garmz. On this site, aspiring designers can show they're fashion sketches and hopefully rack up points from other designers. When the design gets a lot of hype, it is the considered to be made into an actual garment, and it will eventually be sold on the website.
Of course I have an account on there:
If you join, please vote for my design! ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

adorable monsters

Don't worry! I haven't forgotten about my artist recognition spree. I'll do that later.

So, last year I was super bored and searched "virtual game" on Google.
Up came this really cute website called Moshi Monsters. It's a virtual pet site.
Basically, you create a free account and receive a pet, or monster, of your choice. The creatures are frankly too cute for words, even the little drooling zombie. Now, for some privileges you need to pay a fee, but you can have fun anyways.
Here's the website:
Enjoy ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

artistic inspirations

If you hadn't known already, I am on Here's mah link:
There are a lot of true artists on deviantArt. I really would like to acknowledge them, and hopefully they will look at my blog lol. ;)
Well, here they are!

Bigmouth Strikes Again by Ryan Steven Martin (ToLiveAndDieInLA)

newest post to deviantart!
also: layout change. it’s not totally done yet but it’s mostly finished. the other one stretched out my drawings to unpleasant extremes sometimes, not to mention that i find making layouts oddly therapeutic :] here’s to hoping someone else isn’t going to insta-ripoff the whole thing (ahem). and hey - awesome news! i received a payment for some work i did and was able to purchase a new super computer from it, which i chose to order in separate parts… and they’ve all arrived! tomorrow morning is building-computer-time, thanks to my technology-savvy boyfriend. the birth of my lean mean animation machine 8D

Velvet by Lois Van Baarle (Loish)

Hesychasm by Emmanuel Laflamme (quartertofour)

"Waiter, by Nomi Chi (God of Insects)

Something's Wrong Here by Lauren Henderson (Luve)


Little Elephant Collectors by Aaron Jasinski

Pablito by Filippo and Giacomo Consolati

Fleshing Out by Jason Levesque (stuntkid)
And see his wife's artwork here:

That's all I'm doing so far. I will post more artists later!
Enjoy and Explore mah peeps. ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

fashion vs. fashion

So yeah. I haven't been posting. Sorry.

Anyways, I have been thinking about fashion and what is "fashion." For me, fashion is the newest, greatest, and most outrageous clothing, accessories, etc.
Also, fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Some people think trendy clothing is fashionable, whereas I think individualistic pieces are much more so.
For example: My friends think Lady Gaga's style is insane. I think it's amazing and artistsic. Most teens my age think "normal" clothes from Forever 21 are cool. Forever 21 is ok, but I love Kidrobot.
So because I don't view fashion the same way others do, that means I'm not cool or popular?
It's strange how people think everything is either normal and abnormal. I think things are cloned or unique.

Just a thought. ;)

By the way, can someone please tell me what's going on with "My Generation" on ABC?
And if you don't know Kidrobot here's their site:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

twitter is SO not overrated

I have a TWITTER account:
Yeah, I am that cool.
So I was on there the other day and I noticed I have officially FIVE followers. I was so ecstatic. Now I have three. It turns out two of them were really set up to get me to travel to Las Vegas. That sentence had a lot of "to"s.
Anyways, I looked up each one and two of them really made me feel awesome inside:
And yes, they are actual people.
Steve owns a company called "Lolita-Girl" which sells '50s and pin-up inspired clothing.
Here's the link: Their clothing is really cute! You gotta check it out! ;)
Raed owns a company called "Cardelicious" which sells awesome greeting cards.
Here's the site: There are even cards with BEING HUMAN peeps!
Anyways, I just really wanted to talk about them cuz I ACTUALLY HAVE FOLLOWERS!
Enjoy mah peeps ;)
There are 7 "to"s in this blog entry. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Monday, October 4, 2010

the good, the bad, and the fugly: homecoming edition

See, I am blogging more. ;)
So in honor of the high school tradition called "Homecoming," I have made a list of what I thought were good, bad, and downright fugly homecoming dresses. These are all considered "homecoming" and not prom, winter formal, or any other dance. Just homecoming.
They are in this alternating order: good, bad, fugly (just in case you didn't figure that out already)
Simple LBDs (little black dresses) can go a long way. If you pair it with the right accesories and bling they can look really formal and cute. I don't really know how to describe this middle dress..... It's just really bad. The last dress however made me cringe. Bare-midriff? Really?
The first one again is very simple in terms of dress style, but styled in a way that the model looks vintage and fashionable. The second dress is when an ugly dress is styled in a weird way. What's with the top hat? Oh gosh, that poor model in the last picture. She will always be remembered as the girl at homecoming in the tacky semi-zebra dress.
 The first one is actually pretty cool. When I first saw I kinda skipped over it, but it's actually pretty. I'm pretty certain the middle one is some weird long shirt thing. I don't even know what to think about the last one. I know if one of my friends came to homecoming in a dress like that I would probably tell security to escort her out.
Hope you found my comments kinda of useful. PLEASE COMMENT ;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

charlie is so cool like....

If you love hot, young British guys with nerdy interests and do totally silly (but awesome) stuff, you must check out Charlie McDonnell. Also known as: Charlieissocoollike.
Seriously, I could watch his videos FOR HOURS, which is partially due to the fact that he's adorable and has a dreamy British accent, but also because he's hilarious and positively quirky.
Reasons to watch his youtube videos and check out his website:
1. Very, very funny. Wow, I just made it sound bland.
2. He reads your comments. Which reminds me, PLEASE COMMENT ON MY BLOG!
3. He likes Doctor Who. He even ate custard and fishsticks.
4. He is British, which just makes him more interesting (aka sexy accent).
5. He has seriously RUBY RED hair. No joke.
6. He is part of a band called Sons of Admirals, which unfortunately isn't on iTunes.
7. He is adorable. ;)
Here is his website:
Here is his youtube channel:
Check him out!!! ;)

creepy catfish

I love the movie Catfish. I love the movie Catfish. I love the movie Catfish.
The commercials boast how a critic said, "Catfish is the movie Alfred Hitchcock never directed."
Boy that critic was spot on. It was thrilling, suspenseful, creepy, and tragic.
Here are some tips before going to see the movie (BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY YOU'RE GOING NO MATTER WHAT):
1. Don't watch the trailer.
2. Don't look up the ending.
3. Don't ask me or some other person the plot or ending.
4. Go see the movie knowing absolutely nothing, and you will enjoy it immensely.
I came out of the theater feeling angry, sad, excited, and overall thrilled that I saw this film.
And no, I won't even give you the website. ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

really? seriously?

Wow I haven't posted in a loooooooong time..... I swear I will post more often! I PROMISE!!!
Ok the Being Human finale was AMAZING!!! I am not going to tell you any of the details. You have to watch it yourself otherwise I'll ruin everything.
I drew Annie, George, and Mitchell for my art class. All three can be viewed on deviantArt:

Anyways, I got this mini catalogue in the mail displaying all the creepy, crazy costumes available at some party store. Wow. Here are some that I saw that made my eyes burn.
Sexy Freddy Krueger. AUGH MY EYES!!!!
There are some really sensible people out there. None of which created this idea for a boy's costume.
Now I ain't sayin she a gold digger.
Lil' Pimp's mom.
Oh yeah. Thats REALLY sexy.
There are TRILLIONS of terrible costumes..... Go forth and find one more awful then the ones I have selected. I DARE YA