Saturday, January 29, 2011

what time is it...

It's time for winter formal! Unfortunately, I can't make it to formal this year.... maybe next time.

Anyways, as you can tell from past posts, I greatly enjoy looking at really really cool formal dresses. I also enjoy looking at really really REALLY awful dresses. So, for your (and my) entertainment, here are some really good and bad winter formal dresses. Enjoy ;)
Black and White Dot Dress JN-1166Sherri Hill Strapless Tulle Dress SH-1002
Left: If it was longer, it would be really, really cute!
Right: Ok, first of all the sash cuts off her boob. Why is she pulling up her skirt?

Elegant Black One Shoulder Dress BL-C018Sexy Form Fitting Dress JZ-4210
Left: Very cute and classy! Nice ;)
Right: Look, I'm all for a knock-off Herve Leger dress, but this one just isn't good.

Red V-neck Homecoming Dress BL-C003Strapless Sweetheart Jasz Dress JZ-4208
Left: Very cool.... Why do these models pull up their skirts!?!
Right: Ay Caramba

Strapless Rose Embellished Dress SH-22233/4 Sleeve Sequin Dress AP-091847490
Left: Well, at least it's kinda different. A little too bridal though.
Right: whoa......

One Shoulder Dress by Scala Scala-P4052sCarrie Underwood Inspired Homecoming Dress JO-158975
Left: It's kinda cool... unique maybe?
Right: I choked on my spit when I saw this.

Carrie Underwood Inspired White Party Dress PL-1068Jovani Dress 7757 JO-7757
Left: "Inspired by Carrie Underwood"... Marilyn Monroe anyone?
Right: "Inspired by Britney Spears".... nuff said

Sexy Print Dress by Jasz JZ-4109Sexy Print Dress by Jasz JZ-4109
There's no way anyone can justify what's going on with this dress.

Ok, I'm done now ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011

more amazing artists

Here are even more amazing artists. Once again, I found them on deviantArt.

Mysterious Dark Mind by Wee--ell

Sairandhri by Mattahan
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son by Eddie Ochoa (Brownboots)
Losing His ID by Brian Jørgensen (Pinday)

Emerald Fish and the Jade Sea by Jon (Borruen)

Forest Creatures by Jel Ena (medusainfurs)

Black Sea by William Chua (xiaobaosg)

Owl Procession by FoxyCharlie

Beautiful Dark Twisted Fan Alt by Alexander Wright (cassodinero)

Star Soup by Ben Poulsen (whalewithlegs)

Feather by Lynn (LimeKink)

Her Hearts by Pearleyed

Buffalo. by Isabel (pommepourritte)

Electric Feel by Net (Setsuna-37)

Kaska by Akumu-Kurai

Louder Than Bells by Ariel Stater (Paimonerra)

Oh gosh I'm so tired now. I'll put up some more in a couple months haha :D

Friday, January 14, 2011


PROM... Oh dear God...

Prom will be here before I know it, so I have been looking for dresses already. So far, I've narrowed down the type of style I want to 50s inspired, knee length or higher, and simply unique. My favorite's so far are:
Both of these adorable dresses are found on Heartbreaker, which makes 50s and 60s-inspired clothing.
Muy Caliente DressWithout Equal Dress
These two were found on Modcloth, which sells both retro-inspired clothing and vintage pieces.

I have decided to give up on finding a long dress, because frankly I won't ever wear it again. Believe me, if I go on the red carpet I'll wear something by McQueen ;)

I've also been searching for shoes! yyyyaaaaayyyyyyy
The first pair is by Alexander McQueen (I die, I die) and the second is by Christian Louboutin (meh).

I love the shoes that are out now. They're so kick-ass. But since spikey shoes seem to be all high-end, there's no way I am getting any. (sigh)

I found these AWESOME ZOMBIE SHOES at Pin Up Girl Clothing!!! I swear, they have the coolest, nerdiest, unique-est shoes!!! And, they're super cheap ;)

Ok, on to accessories. Jewelry? Corsages? Hair Styles?
Alright. Here's a breakdown:

Awesome Dinosaur NecklaceSpock Star Trek Necklace
Awesome nerdy jewelry. These sweet necklaces are by MadWorldProductions on Etsy.

I decided I kinda don't want a corsage. Yeah, not really my style. ;)

This part always bugs me.... How come in pictures showing the "ideal prom girl," the model always has long hair that is put up swiftly into a bun. What about the rest of us who don't have hair that can do that?

Well, I hope I didn't completely bore you. Gracias amigos ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Here are some random cool things for yall to know.

What would Anne Boleyn Do? Well now you can ask her in person.
Head over to Anne Boleyn's blog.
Yeah, she's really good at all kinds of advice. ;)

Anyways, I was bored one day and I found an awesome article about toys from my childhood. Well actually, they were toy fads. You know, like Pokemon, Furbies, Trolls, TMNT, etc. After I looked through all of them I looked at the comments, which were overwhelmingly nostalgic. It's awesome how childhood memories can bring people together, even if it is just a toy. You can find a similar article here:
Between my friends and I, the major toys and cartoons we were into were Spongebob (of course) and Pokemon. Oh come on, you know you liked Pokemon. Who didn't?
Yes, this is a chart of some of the original Pokemon. I'm telling you, my friends and I were OBSESSED with these little creatures. Of course, we all had crushes on Ash. He was a little animated cutie. Someone said she had a crush on Brock, which is weird because he just stood there and chased after girls.
Ok, so the other favorite cartoon of our childhoods was Spongebob Squarepants. Seriously, I STILL watch Spongebob. One does not realize how hilarious that little sponge is until they have seen these certain scenes (Not in order of awesomeness):
1. The Striped Sweater Song -- Every time I even think of it, I have to start singing it. It's an instant classic.
2. Weenie Hut General -- So basically, there's this place called Weenie Hut Jr's, which is a hot dog restaurant for nerds. Then, Spongebob gets hurt and he has to go to the medical counterpart "Weenie Hut General."
3. Band Geeks -- This entire episode makes me laugh. From the baton twirlers colliding with a blimp, to Spongebob's "lucky" dance, to the awesome performance at the end of the episode, it is truly hilarious. Here's the FULL EPISODE:
4. Training Video -- The Krusty Krab Training Video gives you all the possible knowledge you need of how to be a cashier, fry cook, etc. And the real meaning of "poop." Here's the link:

Ok, I'm done for now.
"Fancy livin, here we come! LA LA LA LA LAAAAAA"